Featured Products

Rolling car gas kiln

Gas Kilns

Designed for the artist

You can expect standard kiln shelf sizes and user-friendly burner systems that give you complete control.

Built to endure

Artists have fired Cooperworks kilns every week for 20 years. We build them to fire consistenly, and we build them to last.

Mobile raku kiln

Raku Kilns

The Blaze Barrel

The newest raku kiln model eliminates heavy lifting and uses a simple latch system.

Fire in minutes

Roll it where you want it, screw on the included hose to a propane tank, and fire away!

Burner Systems

Gain full control of your kiln

Learn how our high-efficiency power burner system can allow more kiln firing control and produce better results.

Design a custom system

Choose from a selection of options. From precise manual adjustments to automated, programmable control, Cooperworks can help you design the best system for your specific needs.

Kiln Repair

Extend the life of your kiln

Learn what things you need to watch for now, so later you can avoid problems.

Get a free consultation

We can help you evaluate the condition of your kilns and set up a service plan to keep you firing on schedule.

About Cooperworks

Here's what you can expect

Cooperworks is a family owned and operated kiln manufacturer with over 30 years of ceramics and kiln firing experience. We serve high schools, colleges, art centers, guilds, and private studios throughout the United States that have fired our kilns for over 20 years. Our top priority is to help you accomplish your goals by providing a lasting solution you know you can depend on.

Let us help you find the right kiln

We build custom kilns for raku, salt and soda, woodfire, bronze casting, and we offer a full line of production gas kilns designed to fit the needs of enthusiasts and industrial foundries alike. Let us help you select the kiln that best fits your needs with a free consultation.

We can service your existing kilns

If you're getting the results you want, we want it to stay that way by helping you extend the life of your kilns. We offer full-service kiln repair and maintenance. We have also served as a Colorado schools kiln inspector for many years, and we can provide the same service for you. Upgrade your current kiln with a new firebrick or fiber refractory lining, or add a more efficient burner system. Install a safety system to reduce your risks, or replace your old kiln shelves and posts with a new kiln furniture package.