Power Burners

Gain full control of your kiln

Power burners are high efficiency forced-air blower burners equipped with a manual air shutter or an optional variable-speed motor control. They allow independent control of air and gas resulting in full control from oxidation blue to reducing yellow flame. Unlike most natural draft burners, power burners will allow true oxidation firing in a gas kiln.

Operate a more flexible burner system

Power burners can run well in almost any situation. They are ideal for low pressure (7" W.C. or less) natural gas, and for high-altitude firing. They perform equally well with propane. No burner orifices are needed with power burners (except in pilots) unless pressure gauges are used, which eliminates the need for changing orifices. Since power burners are forcecd draft burners, they do not require a chimney any higher than the top of your kiln (unless you need roof penetration). They are also great for raku firing. Average and larger size raku kilns will fire to temperature in around 15 minutes every time!

Standard features

  • High efficiency burner
  • Air blower with manual shutter control
  • Variable gas flow valve
  • Eclipse "Stic-tite" burner nozzle
  • Killam industrial pilot burner

Select your burners

Model Blower CFM Barrel I.D. (in) Natural Gas (BTU/hr)
5" / 7" IWC
Propane (BTU/hr)
5" / 7" IWC
PB–240 60 2 205,000 / 240,000 213,000 / 240,000
PB–330 100 2 288,000 / 334,000 292,000 / 330,000
PB–400 140 2 347,500 / 406,000 351,500 / 400,000

Choose your options

Variable Air Controller

This solid state, variable-speed motor controller allows finer speed adjustments of power burner blowers with the turn of a knob. With the combination of this controller and the blower damper, you can find the optimum level of airflow for each firing.

Gas Pressure Gauge (0-15 IWC)

Monitor the gas pressure with this gauge to maintain a balance of gas moving through each burner. This will help you maintain an even firing.

Heavy-Duty Thermocouple

This is a Type-K thermocouple with a protective ceramic housing for increased durability. We install thermocouples in an optimum location with a steel flange and a threaded enclosure. In combination with an electronic controller, the thermocouple wire is protected by conduit and secured to the kiln frame.

Electronic Controller

This option allows you to operate the burners automatically with time and temperature settings. Using an automatic ignition system, the burners are lit from a control box mounted to the kiln. It comes with a wide range of settings including ramp and soak.

Get a head start on your firing

One way to use the controller is to select a setpoint, or temperature limit (for example 1,500 degrees F), and then a timeframe to reach that point (say 8 hours). In this case the kiln will turn the burners on and off when necessary in order to reach that setpoint in 8 hours, allowing you get a head start on the next day.

  • Mounted control box
  • High-limit controller
  • Digital temperature display
  • Programmable settings including ramp and soak

School Safety Package

This package includes the electronic controller above and a Honeywell electronic safety and ignition system.

The safety and ignition system includes a high-limit fail-safe, digital controller and pyrometer. It features automatic spark ignition with automatic gas burner shut-off (within 0.8 seconds) in the event of a gas interruption or burner blow-out.

  • Automatic spark ignition and gas burner shut-off
  • Mounted control box
  • High-limit controller
  • Digital temperature display
  • Programmable settings including ramp and soak