Gas Kilns

We are pleased to offer our custom line of gas-fired ceramics kilns. The result of nearly three decades of design and expertise, our kilns combine proven quality materials with superior craftmanship.

What sets these kilns apart?

  • Industrial grade steel frame
  • Insulating firebrick or fiber lining
  • Interior vapor barrier to prevent rust
  • 2600 degree firebrick floor and combustion
  • High efficiency burner systems
  • Heat-resistant finish
  • 1 year warranty

How much shelf space do you need?

Our kilns are built around usable space. When you're selecting a kiln, you should know the actual space available for stacking kiln shelves. We design our kilns based on the most commonly available shelf sizes.

Select a kiln model

Model Stacking (cuft) Total Shelf Size (in) Interior (in) L×W×H Exterior (in) L×W×H BTU/hr
CW–8 8 20 × 20 27 × 36 × 34 54.38 × 48.5 × 60.5 154,668
CW–10 10 24 × 24 27 × 36 × 36.5 54.38 × 48.5 × 63.5 168,750
CW–12 12 24 × 24 27 × 36 × 39 54.38 × 48.5 × 65.5 182,813
CW–16 16 24 × 24 27 × 36 × 46.5 54.38 × 48.5 × 73.5 225,000
CW–24 24 24 × 36 40.5 × 36 × 46.5 67.88 × 48.5 × 66.5 337,500
CW–36 36 36 × 36 40.5 × 49.5 × 46.5 67.88 × 62 × 66.5 464,063
CW–54 54 36 × 48 63 × 40.5 × 55 90.38 × 53 × 81.5 812,109
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Choose your options

Center-pivot Door

Center-Pivot Door

This versatile door design provides a wider range of motion than the basic hinge. One primary cylindrical hinge allows the door to swing out like a standard hinge, and two cylindrical hinges at the top and bottom of the door allow it to rotate 360 degrees at the same time. This door option is ideal for kiln rooms lacking space.

  • Heavy duty cynlindrical hinges
  • Swings open and rotates 360 degrees
  • Adjustable clamps for a tight seal
Rolling Car Door

Rolling Car Door

This is the ideal door option for large kilns. The door and the kiln floor are attached to a car that easily rolls out on a track for complete shelf access. More than one person can load and unload the kiln at the same time, decreasing time, and the risk of dropping pieces. This is also the best option for firing large pieces.

A hinged-track is also available to allow more space for rolling carts in front of the kiln. After the car has been rolled shut, the track foldes up against the foor and locks into place.

  • Rolling car allows complete access to shelves
  • Loading and unloading is easier
  • Great for large pieces
Draft Induction Hood

Draft Induction Hood

This option is for best for small spaces that require additional ventilation. Hoods are designed to fit specific gas kiln models and draw exhaust fumes coming out of the kiln during a firing.

Kiln Furniture

We offer a kiln furniture package for each of our gas kiln models. Standard kiln shelf sizes are provided, as well as a variety of post sizes.

  • 12 ea. 12×24×0.5” Nitride-bonded silicon carbide shelves
  • 24 ea. 2×1” posts
  • 12 ea. 2×2” posts
  • 12 ea. 2×6” posts
  • 12 ea. 2×8” posts
  • 12 ea. 2×10” posts
  • 5 lbs. high-temperature kiln wash

Electronic Controller

This option allows you to operate the burners automatically with time and temperature settings. Using an automatic ignition system, the burners are lit from a control box mounted to the kiln. It comes with a wide range of settings including ramp and soak.

Get a head start on your firing

One way to use the controller is to select a setpoint, or temperature limit (for example 1,500 degrees F), and then a timeframe to reach that point (say 8 hours). In this case the kiln will turn the burners on and off when necessary in order to reach that setpoint in 8 hours, allowing you get a head start on the next day.

  • Mounted control box
  • High-limit controller
  • Digital temperature display
  • Programmable settings including ramp and soak

School Safety Package

This package includes the electronic controller above and a Honeywell electronic safety and ignition system.

The safety and ignition system includes a high-limit fail-safe, digital controller and pyrometer. It features automatic spark ignition with automatic gas burner shut-off (within 0.8 seconds) in the event of a gas interruption or burner blow-out.

  • Automatic spark ignition and gas burner shut-off
  • Mounted control box
  • High-limit controller
  • Digital temperature display
  • Programmable settings including ramp and soak