Kiln Maintenance

Service your kiln now, and you will save later

Kilns depend on many different parts to run the way you expect them to. It's important to have them checked and parts repaired, or replaced if neccessary, before they become a costly problem. Cooperworks can inspect your kilns and set up a service plan to help you stay on schedule.

Look for early warning signs

There are things you can watch for to prevent problems:

  • Discoloration or warping in the metal shell of your kiln is an indication that the lining is breaking down. This often results in a hole in the shell.
  • Large gaps in the seal of the door release a lot of heat and any exposed metal will warp and likely spread the gaps further.
  • Excessive brick cracking and movement will eventually lead to more strucutal damage and allows heat to escape.

Maintenance Request

Get a free consultation

If you see any of these problems starting in your kilns, Cooperworks can stop them from continuing. Add a maintenance request to your quote and we will provide a free consulation to evaluate the condition of your kilns.